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Unique Designer Products

 We are one of the only few boutique shops specializing in hand crafted finest silk, needle painting art and hand embroidered fashion. We create unique and authentic items. From fashion clothing to home ware, fashion accessories, bed linen, and artworks, we have a rich collection to suit any taste. 

Finest Silk & Cashmere

 Our silk fabric ranges from exquisite Shantung taffeta to elegant jacquards, which are supplied by small weaving and farming households in Vietnam, where silk production has been a tradition for generations.  

 Our cashmere materials are well selected and high quality sourced from Inner Mongolia.   

Hand Embroidery Art

From lush foliage and blossoming blooms to cute and cuddly creatures, our hand embroidery art incorporates bright colors and gorgeous nature inspired designs on silk, cashmere & other natural materials to create beautiful, unique fashion accessories,  clothing and artworks. 


Custom Designing & Tailoring

We provide exceptional hand tailoring.   Whether it is a dress, a shirt, sport jackets or nearly any other garment imaginable, we will take meticulous and precise measurements and ask a customer’s preferences to ensure the desired outcome.  We will then hand-tailor and stitch each garment to the customer’s unique physique and preferences. 

Hand-crafted Silk Bedding

We design and hand craft silk, which is called the queen of fibers, for the bed. We have wide selection of unique, beautifully crafted bedding selection: bed sheets, blankets pillowcases, duvets, which are luxurious feeling against the skin, elegant, restful beauty that stands the test of time, warm in winter and cool in summer, for all year-around comfort. 

Premium Fashion Accessories

We use our fine silk and premium materials to create unique, hand embroidered fashion accessories like scarves, shawls, handbags, purses....Our hand embroidery designs are nature inspired, unique with high quality craftsmanship. Custom made items are available upon request. 

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