We are one of the only few boutique shops specializing in hand crafted finest silk, hand embroidered goods and custom tailoring. We create unique and authentic items. From fashion clothing to home ware, fashion accessories, bed linen, and artworks, we have a rich collection to suit any taste.

Our silk fabric ranges from exquisite Shantung taffeta to elegant jacquard, which are supplied by small weaving and farming households in Vietnam, where silk production has been a tradition for generations. Our suppliers use traditional methods of thread spinning, weaving and dyeing by hand in small batches with weaving patterns containing centuries-old symbols and characters.

Meet the Designer  & Embroidery Artist: Mai Nguyen

Mai grew up in Hanoi, Vietnam, which is the center of silk weaving and sericulture (silk worm production) in Southeast Asia for over a thousand years. She had developed strong passion for silk weaving, tailoring and hand embroidering since a very young age. She learned how to weave and hand embroider from her grandmother when she was a teenager, and has been using the same tools for the past twenty years. 

Mai loves designing and sewing clothing for women. Each piece of her collection tells a story about a young woman pursuing her dreams: she is bold, yet feminine, she is carefree and romantic, she is modern, yet classic.

Mai's passion for color and pattern was inspired by her childhood in Vietnam, her years of education and works in Japan and her current life in Berkeley, where she lives.